• 09.18.14 : Le Mouvement 2014 in Biel/Bienne

    My dispatch from Le Mouvement 2014 in Biel/Bienne Switzerland is up at Artforum. Read it HERE.

    Trisha Brown's Drift, 1974/2014. (Photo: Meyer & Kangangi.)

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  • 08:29.14 : James Lee Byars at PS1

    My favorite show of the summer was James Lee Byars at PS1, and The Village Voice let me sing my praises HERE.

    Byers's The Rose Table of Perfect (1989), made of 3,333 roses.
    Institut Valenciá d'Art Moderne/Photograph Matthew Septimus.

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  • 08.15.14 : Take My Artist, Please! On Joe Scanlan's "Donelle Woolford."

    The good folks at DIS magazine offered a home for the essay Lauren O'Neill-Butler I wrote on Joe Scanlan's "Donelle Woolford" project. Read it HERE.

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  • 07.30.14 : Here & Elsewhere at The New Museum

    I was very taken by the New Museum's exhibition titled "Here & Elsewhere" and said so for The Village Voice. Read it HERE.

    Courtesy Ruya Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Iraq.

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  • 07.23.14 : On Larry Clark at Luhring Augustine

    The first of what I hope will be many more reviews for The Village Voice -- on Larry Clark's "they thought i were but i aren't anymore." Read it HERE.

    Larry Clark Adam, Marfa, TX, 2011 Archival ink jet print

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  • 07.01.14 : The Body that Jill Built

    Art In America kindly asked me to write an introduction to the life and work of the inimitable Jill Johnston, which you can download HERE. My writing can never replace Johnston's own voice, in which you should immerse yourself in such books as MARMALADE ME -- her classic collection. I want to thank Leigh Anne Miller (Photo Editor at AiA) for her brilliant work.

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  • 06.18.14 : Residency at Mount Tremper Arts

    I am thrilled to be going to Mount Tremper Arts for the last week of July to be a critic-in-residence while 600 Highwaymen will be rehearsing their latest, Employee of the Year.
    Learn more about Mount Tremper Arts HERE -- and 600 Highwaymen HERE.

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  • 06.04.14 : Sleeping Around: On Jim Findlay and Jeff Jackson's "Dream of the Red Chamber"

    I reviewed Jim Findlay and Jeff Jackson's latest for Artforum.com, which you can read HERE.

    Jim Findlay and Jeff Jackson, Dream of the Red Chamber, 2014. Performance view, May 2014.
    Brill Building, New York. Photo: Josh Higgason.

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  • 05.01.14 : Chaotic Expressionism: An Interview with Bjarne Melgaard

    Bjarne Melgaard needs little introduction, but if you'd like to read what we spoke about for Spike Art Quarterly, you can download it HERE.

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  • 03.19.14 : String Theory: On Aki Sasamoto's "Sunny in the Furnace"

    I absolutely loved Aki Sasamoto's latest show at the Kitchen, and was very happy to say so for Artforum.com. You can read the piece HERE.

    Aki Sasamoto, Sunny in the Furnace, 2014. Performance view, The Kitchen, New York, March 2014.
    Aki Sasamoto (center) and Jessica Weinstein (right). Photo: Julieta Cervantes.

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  • 12.20.13 : The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic

    I wanted my Artforum review of Robert Wilson's "The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic" to sound more like a coroner's report than a review. Read it HERE.

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  • 12.20.13 : Mark Leckey for Art In America

    I loved Mark Leckey's fall show at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and wrote up a few thoughts for Art In America that can be found HERE.

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  • 11.29.13 : Hit or Myth

    HERE is my second report on Performa 13 for Artforum.com, which includes the use (and misuse) of cosmologies by artists such as Joan Jonas, Alexandre Singh and others.

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  • 11.20.13 : Live From New York

    HERE is the first of two pieces on Performa 13 in which I review the work of Cally Spooner, Rosa Barba and Jérôme Bel. Mediated culture, performance cinema and the perils of provacatourism also included.

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  • 11.03.13 : Outtakes | Mark Leckey

    I reviewed Mark Leckey's show "On Pleasure Bent" at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles for Art In America's forthcoming December issue and as always, I had more to say than the word count allowed. I've always wondered what to do with the detritus of thinking -- the extraneous threads, thoughts and half-thoughts that, in the end, didn't evolve into a whole idea, or fit the form, or serve the final focus of a text. Thus this inaugural "Outtakes" entry, in which I upload writing scraps that didn't survive the cut. In the case of my review of Leckey's show, I spun my wheels for a long time on the question of contemporary art and pleasure, but these thoughts never found the proper traction.

    What do these outtakes amount to? I don't know. If nothing else, I hope they entice you to see Leckey's show for yourself.

    Download the two-page PDF HERE.

    Mark Leckey, Circa ‘87 (2013). Pigment-based color print. 13 x 19 in. (33 x 48.3 cm).
    Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New York.
    © The artist.

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  • 10.23.13 : A Resnaissance In New York

    Alain Resnais did not have a retrospective in New York this fall, and THIS is what I wrote about that for Artforum.com.

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  • 10.09.13 : My review of Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

    i had so much more to say about Anne Washburn's brilliant Mr. Burns, but could only fit THIS MUCH in over at Artforum.

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  • 05:16:13 : 500 words with Holly Woodlawn

    I had the pleasure of talking to Holly Woodlawn for Artforum, and THIS is what she told me.

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  • 04:14:13 : Nelson Sullivan Tribute at NYU

    To honor the Fales Library's acquisition of the Nelson Sullivan archives, I was honored to helm two events on behalf of the Steinhardt School, as a collaboration with the Fales Library. The first night, "Nelson Sullivan's New York," archivist and historian Robert Coddington introduced the audience to Nelson and his extraordinary work. The second night, "Nelson Sullivan: Vloggin in the 80s" was a celebration of Nelson's life and work by those who knew and loved him including Michael Musto (author and columnist), Lady Miss Kier (DJ and former singer of Deee-Lite), Flloyd (drag queen and performance artist, Joe Jeffries (drag historian and videographer), Robert Coddington (5 Ninth Avenue Project), and Paula Gately Tillman (photographer).

    Nelson Sullivan was a chronicler of the 1980s downtown life, documenting the performances, parties, and people who have now become the stuff of urban legend. His extraordinary archive of over 1,300 hours of footage is now available to all at the Fales. You can see selected clips here.

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  • 03:15:13 : Essay on Ed Atkins for Spike Art

    Download the essay I wrote on British video artist Ed Atkins for Spike Art here.

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  • 01.30.13 : On the work of Belgian video artists Jos DeGruyter and Harald Thys

    "Doubled Vision: Mapping the Parallel Worlds of Jos DeGruyter and Harald Thys," is an essay I wrote catalog that accompanies the artists' retrospective exhibition, OPTIMUNDUS. The catalog is available for purchase at Sternberg Press.

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  • 12.21.12 : The 2013 Creative Capital / Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program

    I am very grateful and honored to have been awarded a 2013 Creative Capital / Warhol Foundation grant for my forthcoming essay on the work of Jill Johnston.

    For more, click here.

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  • 05.24.12 : N1FR Print edition is now available!

    The wait is over! You can finally purchase your copy of the latest N1FR HERE.

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  • 05.16.12 : On the MIke Kelley Memorial up at East of Borneo

    A piece on the Mike Kelley memorial finally went up at East of Borneo. You can read it HERE.

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  • 04.10.12 : Conversation with Michele O'Marah up at East of Borneo

    Michele O'Marah and I conversed for hours and hours, and THIS is what became of it.

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  • 03.16.12 : New piece up at N1FR

    "Limitations and Lamentations" is now up at N1FR, print edition to follow. To read, click HERE.

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